An intensive swimming program is held at the beginning of each year. All children are expected to participate in this program which is conducted at the local pool.





During Term One each year students participate in an athletics carnival. This is held at The Loch Reserve and involves a day of competition and fun games. The carnival encourages participation and it is expected that all students will attend and join in. Selected students are invited to complete at District Athletics competition.



Bike Education


Students participate in a series of Bike Education lessons during Term Three. Bikes are brought to school and students learn about road safety, road rules, how to ride their bike well and develop their key skills during this program.



Footy Day


This is a special day celebrated in Term Three. All codes of football are included and students participate in drills and mini games and are able to come to school dressed in their footy gear.



Team Sports     


Students participate in team sports including football, soccer, netaball and basketball and compete with other schools in our network. Our senior students are highly competitive and enjoy the opportunities to develop their skills and play at a higher level.