Our Values

The school’s agreed set of values are central to all policy and decision making. These values give emphasis to the cooperative and caring nature of the school’s ethos, and promote recognition of a positive and inquiring attitude and a strong sense of responsibility and respect.


Be Curious:

True knowledge does not occur without curiosity. Students are empowered to ask questions about the world around them and to explore possible answers.


Be Creative:

Encouraging students to make inventive connections and imagining what might be; try alternatives and be innovative; challenge and reflect critically on ideas, actions and outcomes.


Be Resilient:

Encouraging students to be independent, optimistic, problem solvers who can make social connections.


Be Responsible:

Encouraging students to take ownership of their actions; reflecting on them and dealing with consequences of those actions with integrity.


Be Respectful:

Encouraging students, teachers and parents to treat themselves, each other, and their environment, with respect.


Be Your Best:

Encouraging students to always try and give their best efforts; making strong choices and decisions for learning and play.