School Community

As greater responsibility is being placed on each school community, we hope that you will freely give your support to all initiatives designed to improve learning programs and facilities inside and outside the school.


Parent Payments for Essential Educational Items are directly utilised to support the implementation of the school’s curriculum and provide the materials consumed by students. Camps, Excursions and Incursions are charged separately and are in addition to the Essential Educational Items. Parents will be notified of these costs throughout the year. We appreciate when families pay for Essential Educational Items.


Parent Payments can be paid for in full in late January or by prior arrangement with the Principal or Business Manager.

Parents are encouraged to attend working bees and to assist with maintaining our grounds. Our students enjoy and benefit from our delightful gardens and these require regular attention. The generosity and active participation by our parent community is very much valued. Parents are also invited to make voluntary financial contributions to assist with this work.