Pastoral Care

Our teachers provide outstanding pastoral care and make building positive relationships with students and their families’ priority. Teachers spend time getting to know students and develop an understanding of each student’s developmental stage, social and emotional maturity, learning needs and communication skills. Through pastoral activities and the care teachers have for their students they build long lasting and trusting relationships. Integrity, kindness and compassion are values our teachers use to guide them in their work with our precious young people.


At times when difficulties are encountered, we refer students and parents to support services in the local area. These support services can include psychologists, social workers, youth workers, women’s services, family services, Anglicare etc. Caring for our students and families with a holistic approach is essential.


Teachers include a range of wellbeing strategies and content in their learning programs such as: Play is the Way, Kids Matter, Cyber Safety and E- Smart, Anti Bullying, Protective Behaviours and Healthy & Respectful Relationships.