Welcome to Loch Primary School

Loch Primary School is a small, rural school set in the beautiful rolling hills of South Gippsland with enrolment of 140 students. The school has 1 Principal Class, 1 Learning Specialist, 8 Teachers and 7 Educational Support Staff.

The school motto “Dream Achieve Succeed: Every child known, safe, inspired, challenged and empowered”, is reinforced with the values of Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Resilient, Be Creative, Be Curious, Be Your Best.   We are a ‘Play is the Way’ school and this behaviour education philosophy underpins our social emotional learning at all times. All students participate in Respectful Relationships lessons and are given a ‘buddy’ from a different year level to further foster positive relationships within the school. 

Loch Primary School places great importance on the use of high-quality evidence based approaches to all teaching and learning. Teachers utilise explicit instruction (EI) teaching methods in their teaching of literacy and numeracy. All literacy teaching follows a highly structured and sequential scope and sequence, beginning with simple phonemes and ending with high level morphology. Teachers consistently review previously taught material through a daily review that gives students the opportunity to practice and refine their literacy and numeracy skills and understandings.  

The well resourced specialist programs of Digital Technology, Physical Education, Science, Visual Art, LOTE and Performing Arts are provided for all students each week and these specialist teachers provide a range of opportunities for students to use their new skills in different contexts. All of our students participate in an annual Arts Showcase. 

All students participate in our camping program and enjoy experiences of camping under canvas, a three day urban visit, adventure camps and an overnight beach camp. Students enjoy success in swimming, athletics, cross country and interschool sports. Students are encouraged to participate in individual and team sports and to learn that success comes from doing your very best. 

Our school has a long tradition of successfully preparing students for secondary school and future employment. This includes the development of excellent leadership skills through Co-operative Learning Groups, Peer Mediation training and Student Leadership opportunities. 

We encourage parental involvement in the school and we believe that an effective school community is built on strong and productive relationships with families. Students, families and staff have the opportunity to attend three-way conferences three times a year to better understand student learning needs and celebrate learning that has occurred during the year. 

Students participate in ‘theme days’ one day per term and in the past have included topics such as ‘Spud Olympics’, Bush Dance Day and the annual Easter Hat parade. Grade six students leave a legacy by creating a ‘Grade Six Project’.  Students make this contribution to the grounds at Loch Primary School as a way to thank the school community.